Friday, December 12, 2008

Help the Cedar Rapids Public Library

I was on (which has the cutest gifts ever!), and I read that the fred flare team is helping the Cedar Rapids Public Library, which was flooded earlier this year, to rebuild it's stock of books.
check out the details here:

You can help by purchasing a book for the library through their wishlist.
(click here for link to wishlist)

I just donated a book about purse embroidery techniques. When I was little, I was like a tiny sponge soaking up all the information and images from books in the local public library. I still enjoy the sense of discovery and possibility when I walk into a library and all the knowledge and stories that await silently in the wooden shelves. I get all this from my mom, who is an avid readers (the fastest I know) and library aficionado. One day she hopes to build a small personal library in our house (card catalogue and all!), but until then, we can help rebuild this little public library in need.
So if you can, find a book on the list that speaks to you in some way, and share it with generations to come!


Keith said...

Hi Jennifer! Just wanted to say thanks for this lovely post. I really appreciate you helping spread the word about this. FF hearts The Suite Life! Happy Holidays:)

Jennifer said...

thanks Keith, I am happy to lend a hand (or book in this case). best wishes to you and everyone at fredflare!