Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Who knew that children in Italy in 1954 practiced yoga?

While poking around a flea market in Lucca, Italy on Sunday afternoon, I found a few italian "ladies" magazines from the 1950's. I mainly like checking out the fashions, but I also peruse the articles. They are ridiculous, and I LOVE them.

There are some wonderful articles from GRAZIA, July 4th, 1954 including tips on how to clean your house before leaving for an extended vacation, a romantic story entitled "Un marito si trova cosi" (This is how we find a husband) and a lovely quiz to find out: "Siete una donna ordinata?" (Are you an organized woman?)
I learned things I never knew before reading these magazines. For example, did you know that according to "american doctors" the body doesn't digest "white foods," but the same foods in the color red are digestable! Note to readers with sensitive stomachs: GRAZIA reccommends you eat red tomato sauce. (Does it even exist in white?) Oh, and are you looking for a suitcase to carry your baby to and from your beachouse? Get one in GRAZIA.

Anyway, can you believe that there is an article on yoga poses for children? Although it is not explained as yoga, there is clearly some child's pose going on there. I know yoga has existed for a long time, but in Italy? My gym only got it a few years ago.