Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Project Runway Season 5!

So it's no secret by now, I've made it onto project runway as a designer for the fifth season. After I found out I was on the show, it was perhaps the hardest secret I've had to keep in my 27 years. (Well, of course after the secret about my brother getting engaged-but I pretty much leaked that one to his future bride-sorry again sarah!)

Anyway, last wednesday was the first episode, and I have to say that watching myself greet Tim Gunn in a towel was possibly MORE embarrassing than actually greeting him that way.

I can't wait for tomorrow's episode!


Anonymous said...

Jennifer -- I've got you down in the PR betting pool, so... I hope to see you in the Final 3.

All the best!

-- desertwind

Jennifer said...

thanks so much desertwind!! It's funny, but i've seen your comments over at BPR for past seasons of PR, and it's great to have a familiar face in the blogging world support me!


Sunshine said...

Nice to see a PR designer blogging during the show!

Looking forward to the comments from your inside perspective to the episodes.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jen! Your fans in Rochester wish you the best. We are all very excited for you!

Good Luck!